Delivering the necessary tools to people who need them.

Delivering the necessary tools to people who need them.

Remote Control Consider your TV remote control: aren’t there a whole lot of buttons you’ve never pressed before?
It’s important to focus on the functions that really matter.
With Toreta, you get only the most vital functions through a truly intuitive user experience.

Main Features

  • Voice recording

    Automatically record your employees’ voices from all telephone reservations for future reference.

    Voice recording
  • Track no. of visits

    Check how many times someone has visited, so you can provide a personalised dining experience.

    Track no. of visits
  • Handwritten notes

    A handwriting option is available for people who are more comfortable with writing by hand than using a keyboard.

    Handwritten notes
  • Free Online Reservation Webpage

    Get a free reservation page website that runs 24/7. Since reservations are sent directly, there are no administrative charges. You can choose to be listed on affiliated restaurant directories.

    Free Online Reservation Webpage
  • Guest book management

    Customer profiles allow new employees to quickly acquaint themselves with regular customers.

    Guest book management
  • Shared database

    Database updates are synced to the cloud, so a restaurant chain’s headquarters can easily track customer information from any of their outlets in real time.

    Shared database

Detailed Feature List

Taking Reservations Table Scheduling Monitor each table’s usage pattern chronologically to track crowd turnover more efficiently.
Floor Plans See reservation information displayed on a visual layout of the restaurant for better spatial tracking.
Voice Recording Automatically record your employees’ voices from all telephone reservations for future reference.
Handwritten Notes A handwriting option is available for people who are more comfortable with writing by hand than using a keyboard.
Photo Taking
(Quick Scan)
Related memos and business cards can be photographed and added to
the system for seamless management of reservations.
Restaurant Switching Easily redirect customers to affiliated restaurants, if necessary.
Customer Information Enter a name or telephone number to quickly bring up customer profiles that show you their visit history and other information.
Special Tags With one touch, you can tag each reservation with details like whether
it’s a corporate or celebratory function that may require a private room.
Menu Selection Customise your set menus by title and pricing so you can easily track how many orders of each course you’ll need to prepare for that day.
Track Walk-in Customers Quickly assign walk-in customers to a table. You can even include
their names.
Waiting List Add customers to a waiting list then conveniently assign them a table when one becomes available.
Reservation Updates Change History Every change made to a reservation is logged down for reference to minimise human error.
Cancellation Reasons Enter the reason for a cancelled reservation.
Restore Cancelled Reservation Restore cancelled reservations at any time.
Reassign Tables Transfer customers to another table with a single touch.
Change Reservation Timing With just one touch, you can change the start/end timing for each table.
Reservation Management
Information Summary Automatically consolidate information like group sizes, number of customers and chosen meals.
Reservations List Reservations are listed chronologically for easy reference. Check and confirm customer information in a glance.
Accepted Reservations Confirmed reservations are arranged by last update. Use tags to narrow down your search.
Arrival Status Update a customer’s status from “Pending Arrival” to “Guest Arrived” to
“Bill Paid”, so you can track their movements.
Table Exchange Switch reservations between two tables.
Alerts Be notified beforehand when there is a risk of overbooking, non-compliant bookings or reservation clashes.
Advanced Search Use reservation numbers, customer names or other details to search for information.
Guestbook Database Regular Guests List Keep real-time count of how many times a customer visits, so you can easily identify the regulars.
Centralised Management Share guestbooks across restaurant chains for a consolidated database of customer information.
Remove Duplicates Merge various details about a customer under a single name and telephone number, regardless of their reservation methods.
Refine Search Specify the requirements (e.g. company name, no. of visit, etc.) to narrow down your search results.
Online Reservations Group Reservations Reconfigure smaller tables to accommodate large group bookings and even allow them to book the entire restaurant.
Reservation Page Setup Create a dedicated online reservation page for free. It can take as little as 30 seconds to set up and start accepting reservations.
Alternative Timing Suggestions When a reservation slot is unavailable, the system will suggest close alternatives based on the customer’s desired date or time.
Customise Page Background Upload background photos for your online reservation page.