Toreta’s Initiative

We strive to offer fair service.

Toreta recognises that each establishment may have specific IT requirements that are unique to their business category. In such cases, a one-size-fits-all approach may not always be ideal. We are open to integration with third-party services and tools, so as to create optimal systems for our restaurant clients. We do not unduly restrict restaurants to the use of our own service. We are also aware that information accumulated from our services is a vital asset to restaurants and we will only employ it towards the success of these establishments. The information is also handled in accordance with regulatory laws, such as the Personal Information Protection Act.

We keep our business transparent.

Toreta believes in maintaining trust with our business partners. To avoid ambiguity, we exercise complete price transparency and do not include hidden costs. All new initiatives, management policy changes or even potential challenges will be fully and accurately disclosed.

We stand with frontline workers.

The retaurant industry is closely dependent on the frontline staff, and Toreta highly respects these individuals. Given our company’s strong familiarity with the frontline, we have a vested interest in developing tools that can support these employees. We aim to provide the most cutting-edge technology and support frameworks that are easy to use. We would also never compromise our service quality in exchange for short-term sales targets.

We are a responsible service provider.

As a leading F&B-focused IT service company, our product is our pride. We would never add unnecessary functions to our system without carefully considering potential risks or usability issues that could arise from their inclusion.

We aspire towards sanpo yoshi, a Japanese concept about benefiting three parties – sellers, buyers and the society.

Toreta works towards helping establishments gain stable long-term profits by improving customer satisfaction. With sanpo yoshi as a guiding ideology, our ultimate goal is to make restaurant employees and customers happy, while also contributing positively to society.