Efficient and easy to use,
with a 99% adoption rate

Reservation/Customer Database Management

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Mutual benefits for all.

Forgo handwritten reservations and use a simpler, paperless management system instead.
With a more efficient reservation system in place, you'll have more time to deal with other important tasks.
With a smoother running restaurant, it's likely to boost customer satisfaction and build up your fanbase.
By handling reservations with Toreta, your customers can benefit too.

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Because it's so easy to use, you can start using it instantly with minimal change to your restaurant's operation routine.
Simply by making the switch to Toreta, you can keep things the way they are, yet enjoy greater efficiency and cost savings.

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Simplicity for everyone

Toreta is popular for being so user-friendly that computer beginners can quickly learn how to use it.


Hospitality redefined

Toreta gives you greater insights into your customer base, with every new reservation made.
It familiarises you with your regulars, so you can refine their dining experience.

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Multiple functions for greater simplicity.

Simple to use, yet packed with a wide range of functions.

  • Voice recording

    Automatically record every telephone reservation for future reference.

    Voice recording
  • Track no. of visits

    Check how many times someone has visited, so you can provide a personalised dining experience.

    Track no. of visits
  • Handwritten notes

    A handwriting option is available for people who are more comfortable with writing by hand than using a keyboard.

    Handwritten notes
  • Free Online Reservation Webpage

    Get a free reservation page website that runs 24/7. Since reservations are sent directly, there are no administrative charges. You can choose to be listed on affiliated restaurant directories.

    Free Online Reservation Webpage
  • Guest book management

    Customer profiles allow new employees to quickly acquaint themselves with regular customers.

    Guest book management
  • Shared database

    Database updates are synced to the cloud in real time, so restaurants can help displaced customers check on the availability at other outlets.

    Shared database

But that's just a taste of what Toreta can offer.

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Place your trust in the industry’s best.

As of January 2018, more than 10,000 restaurants in Japan have joined Toreta, with a 99% adoption rate.

Built on insights from the industry.

Being a restaurant owner himself, Toreta's founder and CEO, Hitoshi Nakamura had searched extensively for an alternative to traditional pen-and-paper reservations.
In essence, what he wanted was a hassle-free paperless system that could simplify the process.
However, he could not find anything suitable, so he decided to create his own reservation system with particular emphasis on ease-of-use.

Terms and conditions apply.
To find out more, email us at enquiry@toreta.in or call +65 6670 6666.

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