Case Studies

Thinking of our restaurant brand, it is very natural for us to choose Toreta. The best strategy to bring new customers is to care our regulars.

Les Bouchons Mr. Valentin Le Penven, Operation Manager

— What is concept and the most importatant thing for your restaurant?

Mr. Valentin: In France, steak became popular as “comfort food” after the World War II, which we could not enjoy during the war. Our restaurant came to Singapore 18 years ago, believing that high quality and chunky steak would have been well accepted by the people in Singapore as well. Since then, we have been still offering over 300g big steak with homemade fries and selected quality wine at reasonable price.

— How many of your customers make reservation before they come to your restaurant?

Mr. Valentin: We have 2 outlets in Singapore – one in Ang Siang Road and another in Robertson Quay. 15% of our customers make reservation from online, 60% from phone and 25% from walk-in. We usually allocate 20-25% of the tables for online reservation customers. I feel that the number of customers who use online reservation has been gradually increasing in Singapore. It is convenient and you can book a table even from your office during the break.


— You had used other reservation system, and switched to Toreta. What motivate you to change the system?

Mr. Valentin: We used our own reservation system, but it required a computer and was very difficult to add additional functions. Only thing we need when using Toreta is just an iPad, which enables not only reservation management but also table management and customer management. That’s why we decided to replace our old system with Toreta. As Toreta’s user interface is sophisticatedly designed, it is very easy to use. Even new staff can start using it without making mistakes, by just making a few taps on the iPad.

— I saw “Book Now” button on your homepage and Facebook page.

Mr. Valentin: What is good about Toreta for us is that our customers can complete their reservation within our owned media. They do not need to be redirected to external websites. This is very important for our brand strategy.

Les Bouchons has fostered our brand for 18 years in Singapore. So, we do not want our restaurant to be shown next to other restaurants that constantly offer discounts and promotions. That’s why we seldom use advertising on usual restaurant listing websites, which may contribute increasing short-term business, but absolutely not for branding.

F&B industry in Singapore has been very competitive, and it is getting more difficult to survive such situation only with cheaper price or promotions that can be done by any restaurant. Therefore, we have made more efforts to fostering our brand, and in that sense, it was natural for us to choose Toreta.

— How do you see Les Bouchons in future?

Mr. Valentin: We want to make our restaurant a place of real comfort, not too flashy but relaxing enough to make you want to bring your family and friends. We believe that caring our existing customers is the best strategy to acquiring new customers, and Toreta will play a role in that strategy.


Les Bouchons